STEEN | inspired by luxury

Steen Marcuslund is the founder of STEEN. A fashion house based on the premise of luxury travel. The STEEN style comprises minimalist-chic suitable for travel, lounging and on-the-go wear.

Steen is well traveled, and the idea for his luxury brand came from hours spent on short and long haul flights. Steen knew there was a gap in the market for stylish, functional and luxury-feel products when traveling. He created the STEEN fashion house in order to bridge the gap between commute and comfort, creating a product line where sophistication, function, and luxury collide.

The STEEN foldable travel slippers are the signature product of the brand. Each pair is handcrafted by artisans in Italy, using only the finest genuine leathers. The easy-foldable slipper design infuses comfort and function; for those moments of relaxed style on a flight, remove the chicly-minimalist zip pouch from your handbag or travel bag, and unfold the STEEN slippers to slip on, allowing for an effortless travel style. 

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes and in multiple colors and styles, including embossed leather and with eco-fur lining; the perfect slipper to add to any sophisticated traveler's wardrobe!

Adding to the STEEN collection, Steen designed an apparel range to include loungewear and T-Shirts suitable for travel and lounging at home. Ensuring these were designed using the softest bamboo fabric, allows for the most luxurious fit. The bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, breathable and easy to wear when traveling or relaxing at home.

We celebrate the ever growing STEEN collection that continues to expand with specially designed travel essentials; footwear, apparel and accessories. 

  • STEEN | Luxury loungewear and leather slippers
  • STEEN | Luxury loungewear and leather slippers
  • STEEN | Luxury loungewear and leather slippers