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Step into luxury with STEEN's collection of foldable travel slippers. Our unique color palette is sure to make a statement, and the quality craftsmanship ensures that your STEEN slippers will last. Experience the comfort, style, and sophistication of STEEN.

Our slippers offer a luxurious feel, with styles that offer a comfortable eco-fur lining that hug your feet. The perfect wardrobe addition for those who love to travel; remove the chicly-minimalist zip pouch from your handbag or travel bag, unfold the STEEN slippers and remove the heel sleeve to slip on, allowing for an effortless travel style.

The styles with synthetic eco-fur lining has specially formulated properties to keep your feet cool when it is warm, and warm when it is cool, so you'll always remain comfortable no matter what the weather. 

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Each collection has been designed specifically with comfort and luxury in mind; sourcing the very best in materials and fabrics, and using the highest quality artisans and craftsmanship.